Monday, March 15, 2010

Just some photos

I went a little crazy with my camera today so I thought I'd just share some of the fun things I caught on film.

In yesterday's post I mentioned Miss's newfound love for carrying around her small stuffed animals, in particular her beanie kitty and beanie bear.
Here she is with the beanie bear and a substitute for Kitty, Elmo.
Now she found Kitty!! (p.s. I love the sleepy jammies and bedhead look!)
She really wanted to stop and pick up this ratty old dog toy (yes, it has had all the stuffing torn out and it's nearly been decapitated, but my dog once loved it and now Miss enjoys toting it around from time to time; she fishes it out of the dog's toy basket). But she refrained this time.
Miss loves to talk on the phone. Rather, she loves to pretend to talk on the phone. When I put the phone up to her ear with another person really on the line, like my mom, she gets all wide-eyed and clams up! But when there's no one on the other end, she loves to have pretend phone conversations, whether it's with the real phone, one of her toy phones, or something that sort of resembles a phone, like the alarm clock in our guest bedroom. Don't be alarmed (sorry, couldn't resist!), it's unplugged.

She talks.
She listens.
"Say what?!?"
And later, she found her way back to that grody dog toy.
I can never resist a butt-shot of this adorable beaded diaper cover (yay for Nifty Nappy Woolie Wraps!!)
And this photo is just too cute.
She had a blast with a box from some kitchen items that were delivered today.
And finally, one of my favorites of the day.

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  1. Aha! B does that too, with calculators, remote controls, etc. He talks, talks, talks, but won't as soon as there's someone talking back. Haha! Cute pictures!