Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming!!!

We have had four consecutive days of above freezing temperatures around here and the snow is gradually fading away. We are so excited for sun and 40 degrees, we're doing a "Hooray-Spring-Hurry-Up-And-Get-Here-Already!!" dance around our house (by the way, in her right hand is a part of an old, once-stuffed-now-pretty-pitiful dog toy and a coaster made out of an old quilt that she carried around for much of yesterday afternoon)

You might not be able to tell from this photo, but I think our dancing is working. Yes, our backyard is still covered with snow, but it gets much less sun than other areas. And, even though the ground is still covered, you only have to look at these photos to see how much of an improvement this is. The grass is poking through in many spots in our front yard and all over town. Even though it's brown grass, it's still a welcome sight.
Yesterday we even went for a walk. Here's that "Mom, seriously??" look again.
You know she thinks I'm crazy.
But she did have a great time!! My girl loves to be outside, even when it's chilly!


  1. I wonder where she would ever get an affinity for carrying something around in her little hand all day??????
    Oh, my she is precious!
    Love you!

  2. I wonder where she would get an affinity for carrying something around in her little hand all day?????
    She is precious!
    Love you,

  3. You look fantastic in that pic. Greg said the same thing. Pregnancy glow, anyone? Frankie looks gorgeous, as usual. LOVE the pants. Are they woolies?

  4. She looks so cute all bundled in the stroller! And I love her pants. WE are doing the ready for spring dance too, it was 40 yesterday so we went for a walk! Enjoy the sun!

  5. I love how cute she is. And by the way I thought we were the only ones who put plastic like that. My husband laughs at me, but the girls don't have wet feet. LOL