Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Miss"-cellany and More

Miss is 13 months old today! It amazes me how quickly she is changing and learning new things. I have already told you a lot about what she's up to these days. She's walking everywhere, climbing the stairs like it's the most fun new game, etc. She is ornery and silly and does the funniest things that keep me laughing all day. But she is also very thoughtful and loves to sit and study new things that she sees. She loves to read her books. She's very good at entertaining herself, but also loves to play and be silly with her Momma and Daddy.

Love those lashes!

She can say "Mama," "Dada," "Dog," "'Uppy" (puppy), "Duck," "Bear, and "Hi!" Yes, she already has two words for our dogs. She loves our dogs. They get kisses all the time. My husband and I are lucky to get a kiss once in a great while. She thinks it's funny to turn her head and/or duck away when we try to get a kiss from her! She loves to point to her tummy, belly button, nose, hair, and sometimes her mouth and ear. She makes animal noises (lion, cow, duck) and I know I already blogged about this, but it cracks me up that she waves her hand in front of her nose when I say "Whiff-a-hootie!!" (which in our family means, "Ew, that stinks!")

Trying to kiss one of our dogs

She loves to try to help with chores like laundry and dishes. Often this means throwing the clean clothes out of the laundry basket, taking off with an article of clothing she finds to be particularly fun (usually an undergarment of some sort!), putting shoes into a laundry basket, or unloading the clean spoons from the dishwasher onto the floor. But she does follow simple directions pretty well so sometimes she is actually helpful. She loves to play in closets with clothes and shoes (wonder where she gets that??) and I love watching her take clothing and try to put it on over her head. Sometimes she's even somewhat successful!

Um, yeah, that's one of my bras.
Success! Sort of.
She loves shoes!! (that's my girl :)

Bottom line is that 13 months is crazy fun. Miss has the most amazing little personality! I'm loving it.

In other news, I'm 18 weeks along in my pregnancy. Baby is growing, and so am I! It seems like lots of things are happening earlier with this pregnancy. I felt Baby moving a few weeks earlier than I did with Miss. I started getting acid reflux earlier too. And my belly button already popped out (several weeks ago actually)! Admittedly, I barely have an "Innie" belly button when I'm not pregnant. In fact, I'd probably call it more of a "Flattie." But it still seems really early for my belly button to have popped to an Outie. Oh well. I'll sport my Outie proudly for the next 22 weeks or so. And a bonus is that Miss thinks it's pretty funny, so we're rolling with it.

We are nearly to the point of starting the two-week countdown until we can find out Baby's gender. April 5th is the big day, and I am so excited!


  1. LOVE her intensity in the reading picture... book, blue jeans and bare feet - SWEET! XO - Auntie

  2. Love your belly shot!! It seems like everyone pops much sooner with #2.

    Are still interested in writing a guest post on my SuburbanSavingMama blog??