Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Girl Drinks

Miss loves to drink like a big girl. Every morning my hubby and I treat ourselves to a homemade decaf mocha latte, complete with frothed milk on top. Miss always wants to sip a little of the milk froth off the top of the mug. She finds this to be great fun and always ends up with the most adorable milk-froth mustache.

In addition to enjoying getting a bit of froth off the top of a mug of latte, Miss loves to drink out of a big girl cup. She has several of our plastic cups now mixed in with her toys and pretends to do this often. And she will drink water from a cup or water bottle whenever she gets the chance. After she gets a good sip she'll smack her lips and open up her mouth and say "Ahhh!"

When she wants more (which she always does) she opens her mouth wide, does the ASL sign for "more" (her version of it) and can be quite persuasive and persistent. I swear I did not teach her how to play her Daddy like a fiddle. She just knows!!

When she's done she lets us know. And she always gives a big smile to show how proud she is of herself!

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