Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wonder Woman

For the past two days I've been singing the same little jingle in my head. "Wonder Womaaaan. . . More than meets the eye!" I'm pretty sure the second part of that is from the old Transformers show, so I don't know how it got into my Wonder Woman song. But it keeps popping in there. The first part of my little song is all I can remember of the theme song to what was my favorite TV show when I was little, "Wonder Woman," with Lynda Carter. I loved Wonder Woman as a kid. I had a Wonder Woman sleeping bag (okay, I still have it) that I thought was the coolest thing ever. When I was little, the WW picture on the bag was pretty close to my size. I used to lie on top of the bag and position my body as best I could in the same way that WW was positioned. That made me feel cool. Of course I twirled around like her on a regular basis, even though I never did manage to magically change clothes in the process. I wished so badly for magic bracelets and a lasso, and I'm pretty sure I once (at least) made a replica of her tiara out of paper and wore it around until is disintegrated. Oh, how I wanted the WW Underoos!!! *sigh*

Well, a few weeks ago, I found the most fantastic thing that almost makes up for never getting the Underoos. I found the most adorable Miss-sized Wonder Woman tee shirt at Old Navy!!! I snapped that baby up and Miss has already worn it more than once. It is so utterly adorable on her. She wore it yesterday in fact, which is what prompted the jingle in my head and this random post about Wonder Woman.

Instead of a magic lasso, Mini Wonder Woman carries a magic silver purse that she found in her Mommy's closet and she is very proud of.

Yesterday Miss also discovered a love for chasing her Daddy around the circle in our house made up of our family room, office, entry, and kitchen. She thought it was the most exciting thing ever to turn and run the other direction to "surprise" him.

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  1. She looks adorable! love that mini purse too!