Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Quack Quack!

Remember those commercials, for Cadbury Eggs I think, where the slogan was "Thanks Easter Bunny, Bawk, Bawk!"? Because of those commercials, in my family on Easter we always say, "Happy Easter, Bawk Bawk!" (We also say this for every other holiday and special occasion, but that's another story - "Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy President's Day, Bawk Bawk!") Anyway, at least for this year, I have officially changed our saying to "Happy Easter Quack Quack!" This is because Miss says "Quack Quack!" a lot. She says it every time she sees a picture of or a toy duck. She says it every time she sees a picture of a chicken or a goose. She now says it every time she sees a bird in our yard (we're working on "Tweet Tweet"). Sometimes she says it when she sees the dogs (though she also says "Woof Woof" most of the time, which sounds kind of like "Bwooo"). She says it when she sees many things, including the rocking horse toy at the park! And it is completely adorable the way she says it, so I am dedicating this Easter post to the "Quack Quack!"

Today we had a fun Easter. My hubby had to work today, so we only did the Easter basket hunt before he left for work and saved the egg hunt until after he got home. Daddy helped Miss to find her "hidden" basket, but initially she was so excited to see a cup that he drank water out of last night and forgot on the hearth that she did not even notice the basket. See the post before last for an accounting of her love of big-girl cups.

Not until my husband moved to the other side of the basket did she even notice it! Then she thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through it and playing with her new things.

One of the items in her Easter basket was a new baby doll. I got this for her in part to start teaching her the concept of "Be gentle with the baby. . ." Though she did give the babydoll some nice hugs and kisses, we're still working on the gentle part.

I dyed Easter eggs for the first time today in many many years. I have never done it by myself, and haven't done it at all since I was a kid. The smell of vinegar always brings back memories of dying eggs when I was a kid. Today, I had fun mixing the vinegar and the dye and trying to come up with some acceptable colors using brown eggs. Most of them came out pretty well, though sme of the purple and blue ones look pretty yucky.

After my hubby got home we did the Easter egg "hunt." You can see Miss enjoying the small finger puppet she got from one of the eggs. The last egg is on the floor in the background. I actually had hidden it by the side of a bookcase, but it rolled out the the middle of the floor. I made it easy, but not that easy! Miss didn't fully understand the hunting part and needed some help, but she had fun when she did find the eggs and get the treasures from the middle.

It was a very fun Easter, Quack Quack!!

Tomorrow is the big day we get to see Baby and find out if we have a Girl Baby or a Boy Baby!!!

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