Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk and a Big Belly

Miss got some sidewalk chalk in her Easter basket. A few days ago we tried it out. After I showed her what to do, she had no trouble trying it out herself. She colored a little on the bricks in front of our house, and tried to color in a few other places.

In all honesty, she seemed to much prefer just walking around looking at and picking up things in the yard to coloring. The entire experience lasted about 30 seconds. But it was cute to see her coloring, especially trying to do it in the grass.

In other news, Baby is getting quite big, and so is my belly. I had forgotten all about the conveniences of having a big belly. Of course the handy shelf to prop a drink on came back to me easily. But one that I didn't know about until recently is that the belly makes a great toddler shelf! Miss just sits right up on there content as can be. Today we were dancing and singing and Miss was just rockin' out on her perch.

An update on my Baby-related projects: I selected, ordered, and am pre-washing (as I type) the fabric to make some crib sheets for her room; I picked out a crib that was a fabulous floor-model deal, and since it was a floor model it has been delivered already; I picked a paint color and the painters will be coming Monday to strip the current wallpaper and paint her room; today I bought a light fixture for her room to replace the ugly generic one that is there currently; I ordered what I think will be enough extra cloth diapers; and the biggest accomplishment??? I think we have a name! We are almost 100% settled on a name for this little girl. So those things are all a relief. I still have quite a lot to do: sew the crib sheets, find fabric for and make a crib skirt, decide on a window treatment and probably sew it, get a dresser/changing table (and possibly refinish it if I don't buy a new one), organize Baby's clothes in her closet, etc. etc. But I think I've gotten a good start. And I've made good progress on my other projects, so I'll update on those once I get some pictures taken.

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  1. Love the toddler shelf! And you look so great! =)