Saturday, July 17, 2010

35 Weeks, 17 Months, and Some Good Old-Fashioned Summertime Fun

Yesterday marked 35 weeks in my pregnancy. Baby Girl is growing and all is going quite well. She is still moving around like crazy and a few times I've thought she might have turned, but I'm pretty sure she's still breech now. I'll find out for sure on Wednesday. Only five or so weeks to go!

Tomorrow, Miss is 17 months old. She has had a major increase in language in the past few weeks, which has been so fun. We have been at my in-laws' farm for the past week, and some of the new words she has started saying since we've been here include, "pond," "elk," "water," "bug,"and "deer." If you are familiar with my in-laws' farm, these words make perfect sense. If you're not, I'll just say there are a lot of animals mounted in the house (elk, deer, mountain lion, turkey, goose, duck, antelope, and a huge salmon, to name some of them), the property is on a lake and there are lots of ponds around. She also has recently started saying "Wow!" which she kind of says with a similar inflection to Joey on the old show "Blossom" (I think that's the right character/show), and she is putting a few words together on occasion. This age is so fun and I'm enjoying every minute with her.

We've been having a great time this summer, just doing fun summertime stuff. Here's a sample of some of the good times we've had in the past week.

Fun in the pool.

Trying to get Daddy to put on the swimmies first.
One for Daddy, one for Miss.

Playing on the riding toys.


Swimming at the beach.

She loves the sand.

Speaking of old-fashioned fun, today I was out hanging Miss's diapers on the clothesline, which always feels kind of like an old-fashioned thing to do, when I looked over and saw my husband raking hay in the tractor. I had a moment of feeling all "Laura Ingalls Wilder" or something. Except I guess maybe they didn't have tractors in "Little House on the Prairie," did they? Whatever. It was a cool moment. And I got this cool photo.

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