Friday, July 23, 2010

I Have Good News and Bad News

I wanted to post an update on Wednesday after my appointment, but our internet was down all evening.

Sooo, the great news is that Baby Girl is growing right on schedule and looks fabulous. She is about six pounds, is practicing her breathing and has lots of fuzzy hair!!

As I'm sure you can guess, the bad news is that she's still breech. Thus, I have not had much time for blogging. Or working, or cleaning my house, or anything else for that matter. I am either taking care of Miss or putting myself into some sort of contorted position to hopefully help this baby flip herself. I know last time I posted about this I mentioned being on knees and elbows a lot (which I am right now too!). But I've been reading more and more and have tried many things beyond the knees and elbows. Here are some of the things I'm trying as often as I can:

1. Elevating my hips while on my back. I put the couch pillows down and put my butt on them with my head and shoulders on the floor. Sometimes I roll myself from side to side in this position.
2. Knees on the stair landing, walk hands down three steps, hang there for a minute or two with arms straight.
3. Playing music to the lower part of my belly.
4. Playing my recorded voice to the lower part of my belly.
5. Shining a flashlight on the lower part of my belly. Sometimes running the flashlight from where her head is down to the lower part of my belly. "Come to the light little Baby. . ."
6. Moxibustion! I haven't actually tried this yet, but I have an appointment for Monday morning.
7. Sitting in a very full, very lukewarm bathtub for a very long time.

That's not really everything, but that's most of it. Once it stops raining, I have every intention of going to the pool as much as possible and doing handstands in the water. I am not messing around. I really need this little one to flip!!! I have another ultrasound and biophysical profile scheduled for next Wednesday.

On another, related note, I got some other kind of good news. I had been under the assumption that if I had to have a second c-section, the possibility of my ever having a natural delivery was gone. But my doctor had never actually told me this, so I asked her on Wednesday. She said that the situation would be more complicated of course, but that a regular delivery after two c-sections wouldn't be totally out of the question. It would be dependent on seeing that the scar from my last section had held up well and she would want me to wait at least two years between births. Then it would be a possibility. So, while that doesn't make me feel too much better about the possibility of having to have another c-section, it helps some. Of course, that's getting way ahead of the game here, and I am not giving up yet on this Baby Girl turning herself in the right direction. So keep the good head-down vibes coming!!! I will try to post a little more frequently, but if I don't, just know that I'm probably elevating my butt above my head in one way or another and not able to manage a keyboard too well :) Flip, Baby, Flip!!!

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