Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn

I had a regular prenatal appointment yesterday. Baby Girl is breech. This is not good news. As I type this I am on knees and elbows, because I've heard that spending time in this position can help a breech baby to flip. I don't know if that's true, but it can't hurt, right? Well, except that it does kind of. It's really not the most comfortable position, and I may end up with permanent carpet indentations on my knees and elbows. If she turns it's all worth it though.

Funny thing? Having Baby Girl be breech has been a big fear for me during this pregnancy. I know, this is not ha-ha funny, but funny in an ironic, crappy kind of way. See, I had to have a c-section with Miss. It was not planned that way. My big fabulous plan was to have an all natural, medication-free birth. She was head-down, ready to go. I went into labor on my own. Things were progressing. But then her heart rate went way up, she was showing late decelerations, and she passed meconium. None of which are very good signs, so my doc recommended a c-section and my husband and I agreed. She was born perfect and healthy, so I have much to be thankful for. But I can still say that c-sections really suck. I did not want to have pain medication, yet there I was, completely numb, probably from about my armpits down. I really wanted to hold my daughter immediately after her birth, but my arms were strapped down, I was shaking uncontrollably, and the anesthesiologist was stressing and hovering around my head because my blood pressure got really low. It was almost two hours after she was born I think before I finally got to hold her. And that's all without even mentioning the crappy recovery from surgery.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining. I have a beautiful, healthy, perfect daughter, and I could not justify risking that in order to have the birth experience that I had "planned" for. That said, I really, really do not want another c-section. I have been talking with my doctor about having a VBAC with any pregnancies after Miss pretty much since the minute she told me I should have a section. Seriously, in the same breath that she was recommending a section for Miss's delivery, she was telling me that I would be a good candidate for VBAC with future pregnancies. She knew how much I didn't want a c-section. We also discussed this at my 6 week post-partum checkup and started talking about it from appointment #1 with this pregnancy. My doctor has been very supportive of this option. Of course, it's only an option if certain criteria are met. 1) I either have to go into labor on my own before 41 weeks (the max she will allow me to remain pregnant) or 2)be dilated enough that she can break my water to induce labor, since it's not a good idea to use medications to induce labor for a VBAC (using small amounts of pitocin to augment labor is okay, I guess, but the amount needed to induce labor is not okay). 3) I can't have pre-eclampsia. And, oh yeah, 4) the baby has to be head-down!!!!

So, here I am on knees and elbows, sending major head-down vibes to this little girl. I know there is still time for her to flip, and I'm hopeful. I'm only about 34 weeks now. It can happen. I will have another ultrasound at my next appointment at 36 weeks. If Baby Girl is still breech I will discuss the possibility of doing an external version with my doc (having her manually turn the baby by pressing on my belly). I didn't see my doc at yesterday's appointment so I'm not sure how she will feel about doing that. There are risks, of course, so I'm not sure either. For right now I'm willing this baby to get herself facing the right direction. I'd appreciate any good baby-flipping vibes you all would be willing to send my way too, or any other suggestions on how to get her to flip.

And just in case this post has seemed like a big downer (not intentional, but probably the case), I'll leave you with something fun from today. First of all, Miss is really enjoying this whole "Mommy-on-her-knees-and-elbows" thing, as it allows her to use me as a jungle gym. Second, check out how grown up she looks eating a peach all by herself. Simple pleasures :)


  1. Oh, sending reeeaaalllyy, really strong "turn, baby, turn" vibes your way.
    Love you,

  2. Ames! Tried to send you a comment. Don't know where it went. I'll try again. Looks like we aunts will save the day for you! Am sending love, soothing Reiki vibrations, massage for Baby Girl. Hey, wait a minute! Did Linda Katy say, "turn, baby, turn"??? Isn't that a disco song??? Love you bunches. Aunt Mag

  3. Haha! I think you're thinking of "Burn, Baby Burn! Disco Inferno. . ." ;) Either way, I'm happy for the good vibes. Thanks Aunts!

  4. Miss is such a big girl, it's unbelieveable!!

    I am sending good vibes your way for this new little girl to turn! Hopefully I don't have that problem with our new little one on the way! Keep on those knees and elbows!! **hehe**