Saturday, July 31, 2010


The past two days have been quite eventful.

First of all, yesterday morning, Miss peed on the potty for the first time. She did a potty dance to celebrate (and not a stupid one like on that dumb commercial).

I'm actually not really trying to potty train her right now. I don't especially think it's a good idea for me to be juggling a new-newborn and the "Mama-I-Have-To-Go" dashes to the toilet at the same time. Plus, I honestly think she's a bit young still to be pushing it. Give me a few months with Baby Girl, and then maybe we'll go there. But for now, Miss is just quite fascinated by the potty. She has started asking to go on the potty, though until yesterday morning she had never actually gone. But yesterday she made her dad and me proud. I don't really think she even knew why we were whooping and celebrating, but she did seem to get a kick out of dumping the little potty into the big potty and flushing. She likes to wave "bye-bye" to the contents as they swirl and disappear. Whatever works!

Then last night after Miss went to bed, I realized that I was having regular contractions that weren't terribly long or close together, but enough so that I began to wonder about them. I was on the phone with my hubby who was driving to a weekend gathering with his brother and cousins (5 hours away!!) and he suggested I call the nurse just to see what she said. I didn't think much of it, but since Baby Girl is breech still I thought maybe they'd tell me at what point I should consider coming in or something. Well the nurse I spoke to kind of freaked out and said I needed to get to L&D right away and was making all these dire statements about the baby being breech and so on. So, basically, I got a neighbor to come over until my babysitter could get here, threw the last few things needed into my bag and headed for the hospital. My hubby turned around and started high tailing it home. Thankfully, I was just monitored for a few hours and though my contractions stayed fairly steady, they didn't get stronger and I didn't show any signs of labor progressing in that time, so they let me go home. Today the contractions have gone back to being irregular, so that's good!!

And today we went to the air show here in town. It's the second largest air show in the world. We've lived here for two years but I've never made it to the show. This year, we just had to take Miss. See, she has a bit of a fascination with planes. She could spend hours siting on her Daddy's lap looking at pictures of planes in magazines or watching videos of planes flying on his computer. This is how I found them the other day after he came home from work:

She totally loves planes and says "Pay!" and points up anytime she hears one. She had a great time at the air show today. Here she is dancing around a bit as we were sitting and watching planes take off for a while.

She did get kind of bored after a bit.

I think she likes to watch them flying much more than to look at them parked on the ground. We did get to see some really cool things though. We saw the Goodyear blimp, both flying around pretty close up and also parked on the ground. I have to say it was kind of strange to see such a huge thing parked on top of the tiny little box on the bottom of it.

Here is the most enormous plane ever. They had another one that was flying maneuvers all over and it was amazing to watch this behemoth plane float around in the sky like it was nothing.
Then there was this stealth, remote-controlled, spy plane thing that can take crazily detailed photos from over 60,000 feet in the sky.
And then there was, well, this.
I have no idea. . . But we had a great time. By the end of it I was wishing I had rented one of those motorized scooters to haul my booty back to the car, but it was worth it to watch Miss enjoy the planes and the people watching so much.

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