Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Two rounds of moxibustion - $108
Five visits to the chiropractor - $125
Hours and hours spent in various contorted and sometimes uncomfortable positions - See "visits to the chiropractor"
One hospital admission, five hours of monitoring, IV, ultrasound, medication, and doctor pressing on belly for about two minutes - $$$$$$?
Getting kicked instead of head-butted in the ribs - PRICELESS!!

That's right. I went in to the hospital yesterday to have my doctor do the external version. It WORKED!!! After all the hours spent trying so many other strategies, good ol' medical intervention came through for me. Baby Girl is now head down and has been for over 24 hours. Saw my doctor again today and she said that if a baby flips back to breech it usually happens within the first 24 hours. Plus Baby Girl is nicely in my pelvis, so hopefully, she'll stay this way and not flip back around!! I'm still a little nervous she'll flip back, but mostly very relieved that she is now headed in the right direction.

A little over two weeks now until my due date. And can I just say I feel fabulous??? The first time I got out of bed after my doctor flipped her, I could immediately feel a difference in how I felt. It's amazing how much more uncomfortable I was with Baby Girl facing the wrong way. My back hurts less, I can breathe easier, and I feel much more balanced. My belly looks way different too. It is over an inch smaller than the last time I measured it. Check out the difference:

And because I know no one looks at this blog to see photos of me, here's some adorableness.

It could be any day now that my Miss becomes a Big Sis. I can't wait to see it. She will be amazing.

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