Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Girl Chair

Well, I've finally gotten Baby Girls' room almost complete. I got her crib sheets made, though I kind of slacked on making the crib skirt.

I got the artwork on the walls.

And we moved the big glider/recliner from Miss's room. We also moved Miss's small wicker rocker from her room so that she can sit and rock with me while I'm nursing or rocking the baby. At least that's the idea anyway! I still have to get the window treatments done. There is a blackout shade, but I still need to make panels.

So you may be wondering what we did with Miss's room after moving the chairs out of there? We gave her a Big Girl Chair, complete with tiny matching ottoman! The big pillows next to it are for me when we're reading stories before nap or bedtime.

We also put a cradle for her Baby there so she can get into doing baby care things alongside me, hopefully. The area is still a work in progress, as it looks a little sparse, but we're getting there. I did move the birdcage/chandelier lamp out of there for now. Though it would add a lot, the chain/cord makes me nervous, so it's in the guest bedroom until Miss gets a little bit older. And Miss loves her new chair. She loves to sit and read. . .

Or put her feet up. . .

And she is enjoying taking care of her Baby. Here she is tucking her in.

She's gonna be a GREAT big sister!!!!

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