Sunday, August 22, 2010

Come and Gone

Baby Girl's "due date" I mean. Friday was the big day. It came. And it went. I posted about this before here, but the same thing happened with Miss, who was born three days after her due date. Here's a photo of the hubby and me on Miss's due date before going out for a nice dinner.

We decided to go out to dinner again on Friday. Nothing fancy this time. Just a nice little Italian restaurant and then some fabulous ice cream. I had a waffle cone with one scoop of Espresso Oreo Chunk (or something like that) and one scoop of something vanilla with lots of chocolate and caramel things in it. Yum. We even packed our stuff in the truck since the restaurant we picked was very near the hospital where I'll be delivering, and I had been having contractions about 4 minutes apart for quite a while that evening. I wasn't super hopeful, because the contractions had been occurring while we went for a walk and then while I was vacuuming and getting ready to go. Once I sat down in the car, they slowed right down, just as I thought they would. But it didn't hurt to be prepared. Anyway, here's our due date photo from Friday.
I know the "due date" is just an estimate date of arrival, but it is a bit discouraging to watch it come and go. My mom said I was born 19 days late (!!!), so maybe I'm just destined to have babies who arrive late. I like to think maybe it's just so comfy in there for them they are reluctant to come out into the world. Whatever. I'm ready. So Baby Girl can come any time now. Really. Any time. Maybe she'll follow in her sister's footsteps and come three days late, which would be tomorrow. That would be good. Fingers crossed. At any rate, next Tuesday is her deadline. If she doesn't come before then (please, please let her come before then), my doctor is going to induce me on the 31st. Basically, since I've had a prior c-section, induction only means that my doctor will break my water and hope that gets things started. I'd much prefer to let things start on their own though, so hopefully this little girl will make her appearance in the next week.

So here's a question. As I'm sure you can imagine, I have heard tons of suggestions on ways to get labor started (a new one I heard recently was to repeatedly drive over railroad tracks). The thing I've been doing the most of is walking. Every day I go for at least one walk. In fact, Friday night my hubby and I were out walking with Miss before putting her to bed and going out to dinner. We stopped to chat with our next door neighbor and Hubby jokingly said that he wasn't going to let me stop walking until I went into labor. We happened to see the same neighbor at the restaurant we went to that night and he said "What, did you make her walk all the way here??" (the restaurant is roughly 20 miles from our house). We got a little chuckle out of that. Anyway, I'd love to hear your strategies, whether old wives' tales, silly ideas, or something that worked for you. So post a comment and tell me how to get this show on the road!

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  1. Hi, Amy! Gram Boyd and I are reading about your dilemna. Grandma looked at me and said, I know what I did for you, Margaret, because you were late. She was in misery. The doctor suggested she take orange juice, caster oil, and baking soda. She did, but she doesn't remember the proportions of each element. She drank the concoction about 8pm. At 2am the caster oil began working. Grandma began timing the contractions. At 5am Gramps took Grandma to the hospital. At 6:30 I finally arrived.