Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Dad

Today is my Dad's birthday. Naturally I have been thinking about him on his day. In fact, I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I have really come to appreciate what a great Dad I have. Not that I didn't already know this, but it has been more on my mind these past few months. I think this has something to do with some discussions I've had with others about how their fathers were involved in their lives. Or not so involved. It made me more conscious of the fact that there are lots of fathers out there who are bread-winner-authority-figure-type guys but who don't really do the DAD thing. I also think my recent thoughts about and appreciation for my own Dad come from the enjoyment I've gotten out of watching my husband be a Dad to Miss. I am so, so, so thankful that I married a man who is more like the Dad I had than like the hands-off-dad-type. And I'm thankful that I had the type of Dad who made me know that I had to find such a man to spend my life with. I love the fact that my hubby is so involved in playing with and taking care of Miss, and I know that both of our girls will have wonderful memories of times spent with their Dad. Just like I do.

And because I've been thinking so much about my Dad, and telling other people about him, I want to share some of the great memories I have of growing up with him. This is just a glimpse, but I hope you can see what kind of guy he is.

He taught me to ride a two-wheeler, shoot a bow and arrow, throw a tomahawk, drive a stick shift (my Mom and brother helped with this one too, it was a big job), and shoot a muzzleloader, among many, many other things.

He moved my stuff in and out of various dorm rooms, apartments, and houses, who knows how many times.

He tried to teach me to cook, though I wasn't interested at the time (I told him that I would be perfectly capable of reading and following a recipe when necessary). He did teach me a few basics though, and these days I enjoy talking cooking with him, as he's a great cook and I really enjoy cooking now.

When I was in fourth grade he coached my basketball team because no one else would do it. I was horrible at basketball, though I truly didn't know it then. And my dad doesn't even really like basketball. But I wanted to play and we needed a coach. So he coached.

He helped build the most amazing Homecoming parade float for my Freshman class when I was class president. It was Dumbo and it was fantastic. We blew the upperclassmen out of the water in the float competition.

He used to build the best snowmen. One year we had a bust of Abraham Lincoln. I'm talking a 3D representation of what you see on a penny. It was cool.

He belayed me when I was really into rock climbing and didn't have anyone else to go with me.

He was there for everything. Volleyball games, cheerleading competitions, gymnastics meets, choir concerts, and on and on. He was just a cool Dad. He still is. But now he's a fantastic Grandpa too. Happy Birthday Dad.

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