Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Love. . .

I love stand up straight baby hair. It doesn't lay down flat, ever (except for when it is really wet).

I love jammies in the afternoon - the other day, after her nap, Miss insisted on putting her jammies back on over her clothes. She kept them on until bedtime. Here she's saying "I yay down" and "I go seep." Yep. Love.

I love watching my girls love their Daddy. And vice versa.

I love this.

And even better, this.
Unfortunately Lass would not take a full bottle from her Daddy. She cried and cried at first, then I got her to start taking the bottle and passed her back to her Daddy, for whom she drank an ounce or two. Then she started crying again and wouldn't take anymore until I gave it to her again. She drank about 4 ounces total before she refused it entirely, and I really am hoping she'll get better at taking a bottle for someone other than me (kind of defeats the purpose if she doesn't), but it's a start. And I still love how adorable she looks chillin' with a bottle.

I love sisterly love.

I love book clubs and playdates and conversations with other adults. Between Thursday and today I went to two book clubs (yes I did manage to finish and enjoy both books!), had a playdate at my house, and went to a MOPS meeting. It is really rejuvenating to have adult conversation, and even more so when I can do it without having to redirect a toddler or nurse a 5-month-old. I love my full-time mom job, but I also love being able to take a few hours "off" once in a while. Yes, I yuv it.

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