Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movie Therapy

Today was one of those days. The kind of day that leaves me begging for naptime, and cursing the fact that of all days, today my two girls did not nap at the same time. Lass has not been sleeping well, so I'm more tired than usual. Miss is being ornery. And being tired certainly has me bit less tolerant of typical toddler behaviors, like her looking right at me with a mischievous grin and doing, very deliberately, the exact thing I just instructed her not to do, or something she knows very well she is not allowed to do, like putting her feet on the table during a meal or climbing up onto the kitchen counter. I forgot to get out the venison to thaw for meatloaf, so I made omelets for dinner that tasted horrid because they got burned while I was preventing Miss from breaking more eggs (she thought this was great fun in "helping" me to make dinner) or climbing up the front of the stove to see what we were cooking. And I couldn't even go out somewhere today to help maintain my sanity because my husband is working nights this week and he went to bed before I managed to take a shower and get dressed, so I sat around with greasy hair in my PJs all day. For the record, as I'm typing out this pity-party post, I'm beginning to laugh at myself and at how, well pitiful I am sounding. My mom is probably making a "sup-supping" sound at me right now.

Anyway, I always find that the best therapy for days like today is to remember the good moments. The bring-a-tear-to-your-eye-wow-I-have-the-best-job-in-the-world moments. Because of course these greatly outweigh the crappy moments, both in number and in magnitude. So even on days like today there are plenty of these happy moments to reflect on. Like when Miss climbed up on Lass's crib while I was getting her up from her morning nap and said, "I yuv you sissur." Like the belly laughs from Lass when I tickled her chubby thighs during her diaper change before bed. Like the funny wave and "Hi Momma, hi Sweetie!" from Miss this afternoon when I went to get her from her nap. Like the fact that Lass finally took a whole bottle from her daddy this evening (hooray!). Like when Miss unexpectedly grabbed tightly around my neck as I was getting her in her seat for her snack and said, "I yuv you Momma." And just in case thinking about these and other great mommy moments from today weren't enough to brighten my mood (they were), I made a few fun video clips from the past few days that make me smile and occasionally laugh out loud.

Here is the sisterly love video that goes along with the photos I posted yesterday. Miss starts out singing to Lass and then gasps, and I love how she says, "She spit a little bit!"

Here is video documentation of my sweet, non-sleeping girl rolling over.

And here is my favorite video of Miss singing. She has really gotten into singing songs from her favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba. The first one here is "I'm so, I'm so sorry. I'm so, I'm so sorry. I can fix it, I can make it better." When she doesn't know the words, she just wings it. And you can't really tell from the video, but she is looking at her reflection in the glass doors of our fireplace while she's singing this one. The second song I prompt her to sing, because I love the accent she sings it with, "Keep troying. . ."

And that's my movie therapy for tonight. Lass has already woken up twice (and only been in bed for an hour and a half), so this could be a long night. I'm going to go wash my greasy hair and try to get some sleep.


  1. Just got to all your current posts. You love your Learning Tower? I've been thinking about getting one for B, or rather, asking my stepdad to make one for him. Also I can't get over how beautiful Miss is... Her hair, her eyes, her face in general. She looks so sweet. And seriously, when did Lass get so big? I mean, old... but not old :)

    Hope you got the grease out. I'm battling some myself right now :)

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  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your new follower. It has been amazing to see your posts your girls are the same ages as mine and it has been like reading my day. I'm glad to have found you.

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  6. Miss is adorable! Merasia clapped and said "yaaay" when Lass rolled over, and she tried singing along with Miss, even though she has no idea of the words LOL LOVE these videos, absolutely adorable!