Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lass Rolled Over!

I had almost forgotten how fun it is to cheer for each of the little milestones of your baby. Almost. Lass rolled over today and, oh how we cheered.

Here she goes (and in looking at this photo I've noticed that I had put her pants on backwards. Oops!)

Almost. There!


Miss came over to see what the commotion was about and she cheered her sister too.

A note on Miss's outfit. She has been a bit obsessed with these green socks for the past two days. Yes, I let her wear the same socks for two days. Last night she about lost it when I tried to take them off to put her footie jammies on. So I told her we could leave them on, but when I tried to put the footie jammies on over the socks, she cried even harder. So we took the socks off, put the jammies on, and then put the socks over the jammies. Problem solved. And for the record, she was over the socks by this afternoon.

The orange tank top is one of her swim tops. I tried it on her to make sure it still fits, as we're going to Arizona next week and then to Florida in a month. Once it was on, she wasn't letting me take it off. Thus, the interesting fashion combo. She did peel it off in a split second for her bath tonight though. She loves her bath!

And one other fun thing. My hubby took down the Christmas tree and rearranged the furniture in our sunroom this weekend. There was an extra wooden crate left sitting temporarily. Miss found it and has decided it is her "castle." She loves to sit in it and read a book about gnomes we got for Christmas from my brother's family.

She likes to get waaayy in there.

She gets really into the book and tells all sorts of fabulous stories about the gnomes.

I love her imagination. It;s just beginning I know, and it's so fun.

One book down, half of one to go!!

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