Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Bear

I got some new hats made by my talented friend Shannon at Crocheted Goods. Lass is so adorable in her little ear hat.

And she'll actually keep this hat on without complaint. It's so soft. . .

Big sister got a new hat too.

In fact, our attempts at getting Miss out to play in the snow around Christmas time were the reason I ordered these hats. We have a couple of other hats from Shannon that are beautiful and great for everyday wear, but when outside playing Miss needs something that can tie under her chin. Otherwise the hat falls off or she pulls it off. So, the earflap hat! With pretty flower accent, of course.

We love them. Thanks Shannon!


  1. Oh my gracious, those faces! They are uniquely beautiful... you are so blessed. Can't wait to see Miss again, and meet little Lass!!

  2. Beautiful hats on beautiful girls!! Love the pictures!!