Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun in the Snow

Today it wasn't windy and it finally warmed up enough that Miss could go outside and play in the snow with her Daddy. Based on her other experiences with playing in the snow, I was expecting her to want to come back in pretty quickly, but she had a blast!

She got a little taste of the snow.

She had a bit of a hard time moving around in it as it was over her knees.

But she did not want to come in, so Daddy got dressed more warmly and gave her a ride.

And then they just rolled around in it for a while.

One last ride before coming in.

Miss was not happy about having to come in. But she soon forgot to be upset and got good and warmed up by, what else? Dancing!! Lass had a lot of fun dancing too.

Then we made some cookies for the big game tomorrow. Miss didn't eat dinner well enough to get to have one tonight, but she'll get one tomorrow. Go Packers!


  1. Oh, I just love you and your girls and your posts (and the Daddy is pretty okay, too)! You know I love keeping up with your day-to-day activities -- they all make me smile... many of them make me laugh out loud!
    Missing you, and glad Miss enjoyed this latest snowfall. Trust me, I did not! LOL
    XOXO - Auntie