Saturday, February 12, 2011


With every day that goes by, I love to watch my girls together more and more. I love to see how Miss adores Lass. I love to hear her say, "You're so cute!" I love seeing how Lass watches her big sister's every move. I love this:

I know I am in danger of being repetitive in my writings. I know this is not the first post where I have gone on about how much I love to watch them together. I guess it's kind of like how I mentioned at Christmas time that I would probably gush for the entire month of December about how amazing it was to watch Miss experience various aspects of Christmas and really be able to appreciate them for the first time. Consider this your fair warning in this case: for the next 20-30+ years I will probably blather on like a fool every few weeks or so about how much I love to see my girls grow with and love on each other. And I know there will be many less-than-loving moments, as there are in any sibling relationship.


Maybe even some hair pulling.

Appeals to me as the Mom ("Make her play with me!!")

But I also know that there will be lots of love. I hope that my girls will grow up to be best friends (Miss already calls Lass her best friend). I have visions of them doing each other's hair, sharing clothes, talking for hours about all-things-that-sisters-talk-about. I don't have a sister, so this is probably a bit unrealistic, at least during some of the growing-up years. But in between the fights and rivalries and "she-wore-my-brand-new-shirt-without-asking!!!" dramas, I hope there will be laughter and confidences and support for each other. I hope they will teach each other and stand up for each other. I hope they will have the kind of relationship that I have with some of my closest friends, only better, because they're sisters.

Today there was some great sister time.


  1. Adorable! This past week has totally been "brothers" week at our house. Chunky & Monkey have become big-time buddies... there are still the stealing toys, pushing, jealousy things but its like a switch went off. Monkey is always asking "where's bubba?" "bubba ok?" and trying to make Chunky crawl after him to new and exciting adventures. It really is amazing to watch them grow. I'll never get tired of hearing you write about sisters :) Maybe one day I'll have 2 girls, but for now my 2 boys sure are keeping us busy!

  2. I'll never get tired of hearing you write about sisters, either. I know what it's like... it's the best! One bit of advice, though, if I may, and this goes back to the "yes I AM that Mom post" about dressing them alike. It's sweet, very cute, and I'm a fan. However, Please donate Miss's "alike" outfit - that is, the larger of the two so that Lass doesn't have to wear it TWICE... believe me, I speak from experience and I can tell you it was the PITS!:-)
    Love you ever so much!!!

  3. I know it is cliche but they grow up so fast! Mine are now 16, almost 14 and almost 12 and every day is full of precious things I don't want to forget(and some things I do want to forget, like when they fight like crazy and the house is in an Following you back from The Stitching Chick, thanks so much for stopping by! I am adding your button to my 'Blogs I Love' page :)

  4. aww, how SWEET! My Lil girls are like this too and it's so precious!

    They fight like crazy now but they are best freinds and can not be apart from each other! There's nothing like it!

    Bernadette-new follower