Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Photo Tribute

My very favorite cloth diapers ever will soon no longer be produced. After today, new Nifty Nappy diapers can no longer be ordered. This makes me sad. My love of Nifty Nappies started out a little over a year ago with one Nifty Nappy, two Woolie Wraps (wool diaper covers made from upcycled sweaters) and two pairs of wool longies (wool pants made from upcycled sweaters). You can see that my stash has grown (the photo below shows most of my Nifty Nappy items, but there are a few not pictured because of being in the laundry).

These are truly the best cloth diapers out there (you might remember that I raved about them here). They can't be beat for softness, absorbency, and of course cuteness. And not only are the diapers top quality, the owner of Nifty Nappy, Vilate, is a very kind and helpful WAHM who has run her business with integrity and style.

The following is my little tribute to the Nifty Nappy with photos of my girls in their NN fitteds, woolie wraps, and longies.


  1. oh.... LOVE it!!! what adorable pictures you have there! :) Thanks so much!

  2. First. I want your stash.

    Secondly, what a beautiful tribute to NN. Your pictures are unique and teriffic quality and those diapers and woolies were done the justice they deserve here.

    :) Thank you for posting this

  3. Aww precious girls! I never realized that Miss and Lass weren't twins until this post - I kept thinking they looked exactly alike but they definitely have different lips and eye shapes. They are both gorgeous! And look at baby Miss - so precious!