Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Victory and Some Randomness

I must start out today by saying, "Yay Packers!" We aren't die-hard Packers fans in our house. Neither my husband nor I are greatly into professional sports (except maybe golf on his part). I have always sort of liked the Packers though. They just seem to have more tradition and spunk than other pro teams. And since we live in Wisconsin now, well, it's hard to resist the Packers fever around here. Packers fans are just fun. I mean, what kind of loyal, kooky fans would sit out in freezing cold weather week after week with big foam blocks of cheese on their heads but these hearty, happy Wisconsin folks?

I did dress my girls in green and gold yesterday and today though. And we watched the game. And cheered for the home team. And we're happy they won. Here's Miss in her green shirt (Her shirt that is a more appropriate shade of green is too small now). She was much more interested in getting her shopping cart as full as she could than in watching the game. She did say, "Go Packers!" though. Unfortunately she was also saying, "Yay Hawkeyes!" (my husband brainwashed her on the one football Saturday when I took some time away for myself to go to a book club meeting during football!!).

Oopsie-Doozy!! I think she actually said, "Oh noooo!!" when half her stuff fell out.

We just put it all back in (check out the doll's head).

We do "Cheese Head" a little differently at our house. Go Pack!

Lass wore Packer gold yesterday.

She is getting much more interested in and capable of playing with various toys. I love watching her curiosity.

Now some randomness:
Miss got a new bathing suit for our upcoming trip to Florida. I bought a size bigger than her usual size to make sure it will still fit her this summer, and wanted to try it on her when we got home from the store. Naturally, she would not let me take it off and wore it over her onesie for the rest of the day.

I posted a little while ago about how Lass's hair stands straight up so adorably. Well, it's getting longer, and this outfit has a hood that she was wearing up in her carseat, so it was flat for a while the other day. I'm so used to the hair standing up, I think she looks like a different baby!!

Finally, right now my house smells deliciously like banana bread. I tried again to make some this morning. I remembered to grease the pan. I adjusted the oven temp (my oven does not get to the true temp it says it does, so I have to adjust it a bit to try to compensate; last time I had it too hot). And I managed to produce this perfect, yummy goodness.

It came out perfectly, all in one piece even. Slightly crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. Very banana-y. And not too vanilla-y, even though Miss dumped a bit too much vanilla in the batter. I am so proud. I may become a baker after all.

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  1. Go Packers?!?! Or something like that :)
    I love your new blog design - so pretty!! And Lass totally looks like a different baby with the hair down!