Friday, February 4, 2011

To Cut or Not to Cut?

Miss's hair is beginning to get a bit unruly.

It can be a bit hard to handle at times.

I have been debating for a while now whether or not to get it cut. Or to cut it myself. Several months ago I gave her a tiny fringe bang trim when her wispy bangs first started to grow into her eyes. Now her bangs are seriously getting into her eyes again, but I don't want to cut them because I want to let them grow out.

For now I'm trying to keep her hair in pigtails a lot with the bangs combed over to the side.

Or I use a barrette to pull the bangs away from her face.

Both of these options work quite well and look pretty darn cute. A problem only comes in when she decides to repeatedly pull out her barrette or when her winter hat smooshes and makes a mess of her pigtails. I typically redo her hair several times a day. And sometimes Her Toddlerness just refuses pigtails or barrette. Period. This usually isn't too much of a big deal as it generally only lasts a little while. I do still wonder sometimes if I should just go ahead and cut it. But I know the temptation to cut while growing out a hairdo can be overcome.

And I don't want to cut it yet. Even when we aren't sporting a barrette or pigtails, these locks are still precious I think.
For now, we'll stay the course.

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