Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Starting swimming lessons and gymnastics class and three forensic cases to do and trying to get in my 20 days of exercise this month and watching Chopped last night. . . and this week is quickly getting away from me. So I realized, "What happened to my Independence Day post?" Well, it got combined with my Wednesday July 6th post, that's what. Here you go!

As I predicted, our 4th of July celebration consisted of more of the same festivities that filled the rest of our holiday weekend.
Well hello there Hunk.

Celebrating the birth of our country with my sunscreened babies, splashing and loving the water. Cherishing family. Perfect.

That and great outdoor food. We had grilled kielbasa, veggie kabobs, potato salad, the works. Even ice cream!

Miss loves her "Chocolate ice cream on a stick" - otherwise known as a Dove Bar.

And this little one had her first taste of the sweet stuff.

The brat making continued. Here's my hubby making sausage.

My hubby after I pointed out to him that he's wearing his "Wiener Shop" T Shirt.


We ate some for dinner tonight. Fantastic. There's nothing like fresh, homemade sausage. He also made chorizo, which I love to cook with. I can't wait to try out a new recipe using it.

Speaking of new recipes, my "Chopped" ingredients this week are cherry tomatoes and raisins. I wasn't able to get to the grocery store until today, but I got my ingredients and have something of a plan for my dish. I need to refine it in my head before I dive in to make it, so it'll be Friday or so before I do it. Stay tuned.

I think I've written about how I have ordered some new big girl outdoor toys for Miss so that the push-behind lion can be passed down to Lass now. We are still waiting for her trike, but her roller skates arrived yesterday. And so did these:

We had to try them on today to make sure they fit. I ordered them with the intention that they would fit her now and also be gear she can grow into, so they look a little big but they do fit. Naturally she didn't want to take them off and had to dance around in them until I had to nearly pry them off her for nap time.

Soon to come will be photos of this ensemble, outside, with little Barbie roller skates. I love it.

Right now we're busy in a great way. Miss loves her gymnastics class and seems to be enjoying her new swimming class so far. We're having play dates.

I'm enjoying work. Being a professional. Sorting out the intricacies of psychiatric diagnosis when a case is a little unusual. It helps me to be well-rounded. To be challenged and stretch my brain in a different grown up way. Then I come home and get back to my real job. And it's good. My life is full. In the best possible way.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can be having the crappiest day, and your posts just crack me up! I love the new header... I have logged on three or four times just to look at it! Lass's wrinkled nose is just toooooo much! And Miss's skate gear is the coolest -- look out Roller Derby! Just making sure you know I'm tuned in.
    Loving all of you...