Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live at Lunch

My husband and I have taken some fun photos of the girls over the last several days. I love my camera more and more every time I use it. I feel like I'm starting to take better photos, but I still have so much to learn. Fortunately, I have the best subjects in the world to practice on.

I love that this photo seems to have captured the activity of my two girls right now just perfectly.

No words needed for this shot, taken by my husband.

This is one of my favorite Lass poses. She puts her arm up to her face and makes a sucking motion with her mouth when she's tired. She does this when I'm rocking her to sleep. She holds the pose when I put her in her bed. Sometimes, like here, she does it to let us know she's sleepy. It's her comfort move.


Look closely at the photo below. It's a little bit hard to tell, but she is not holding on to anything to keep her balance. She does this a lot now and for pretty long periods of time. She's going to be walking before I know it. How can that be??

Today we went to a weekly event they have in our town all summer long called "Live at Lunch," and I actually remembered to take along my camera. Each week in this little grassy area downtown they have a restaurant selling food and a musician playing music and people come out and eat and listen and bask in the sun. Kids dance or run in the grass or climb on the monuments. People eat and drink and laugh. There was a long line for the food today.

Standing in it seemed like the thing to do, even though the food at the end was just a cold hotdog on a too-dense bun with chips, and there were other restaurants around where we could have gone in and probably gotten better food faster. It was about the experience though. We stood in the line. We danced and sang while standing in line. Miss nearly lost it, but we managed to get to the front of the line just in the nick of time. I almost lost our hotdog and did drop our chips more than once while trying to maneuver the stroller and balance the food while finding the perfect spot for our picnic. But we made it of course, and it was worth it.

Miss danced, and danced, and danced.

I couldn't help but love the fact that a few tables of elderly people were watching Miss dance and play and smiling at her. A woman actually came up to me afterward and commented on what a "bright" and "enchanting" little girl she is. That just warmed me to my toes.

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  1. Oh, Ames! They are soooooo precious!!! Don't blink!!!! Before you know it Miss will be a teenager--she almost looks like one with her fancy dance steps!