Monday, July 25, 2011


Today we stayed home. After our weekend away, I just wanted to be here. The weather cooperated enough that we could get outside for the girls to have some fun and new experiences. Like roller skating.

She held on to my hand for about 30 seconds before saying, "I want to do it myself." And she did.

She fell down several times, but didn't seem to mind too much.

She just got back up and kept on going. Doesn't she look so grown up?

And this little one is so close to walking. Today I saw her take one tiny step forward before grabbing on to something. Outside she was most definitely the master of this lion.

She pushed it sideways in circles instead of standing behind it and rolling it.

There is a circle of grass around a big, gorgeous oak tree in our front yard. It's my favorite place on our property. I used to spread a blanket there and sit outside with Miss during her first summer. I take the girls out there now and we blow bubbles and take our shoes off to feel the grass on our feet. Today, like every other day, we were drawn to the circle. Miss calls it, "The Hole" or "The Rocks" (it's mostly sunken below the level of our driveway and surrounded by rocks).

The girls decided to take a little rest in the shade from all their hard work.

Under the tree it's cool and the grass is soft. There are usually treasures to be found like leaves, pieces of bark, sticks, bugs, etc. Miss marvels at them and Lass tries to eat them.

It's a peaceful spot to sit.

And the view from under the tree is amazing.

After naps we went outside to try out the new sand in the sandbox. Miss enjoyed it, but we had to take a break from it because she kept trying to dump the sand outside the sandbox.

I put the cover back over it and she begged me to let her go in the "baby swing." I convinced her to try out the big girl swing first (which she has enjoyed greatly but fell from when playing with her cousins on Thursday) and told her she could go on the baby swing after that if she still wanted to.

She didn't want to.

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  1. They are both so cute! Nat has been begging for those skates but I wasn't sure if she could figure them out yet.