Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Rod

Check this out:

She's still working on learning how to make the pedals work, but she does love her trike.

She especially loves her helmet

and the bells on her handlebars.

It's been a little hot this week for being out riding, but it makes me so happy that she loves this tricycle. Every time she sees it in the garage she wants to sit on it and ding the bells. She calls it her "big girl trike." I can't wait until she's able to work the pedals and steer herself.

And speaking of "doing things herself," this little one is very into doing everything herself. Getting from point A to point B, feeding herself, etc.

I thought she might be ready to take her first steps the other day.

She thought really hard about it.

We were ready with the camera, video and all, but she decided she's just not quite ready. That's cool.

We scored at the farmer's market on Saturday. This says "Summer," right here.

Can't you just hear the "slurp"?

Last day of swimming lessons tomorrow, lots of family coming to town, and a big weekend at the Wisconsin Dells. I do love summer.

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