Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And Baby Makes Three...

Three little ones that is.  You might remember this post around New Years when I said this regarding my happy anticipation of this year 2011: "And my hubby and I agree, that we would like to grow our family by at least one more little soul, so maybe 2011 will bring another tiny bundle our way."  

Well, we didn't quite make it in time for 2011 to bring us another little bundle, but March 2012 will do very nicely.  Here is our little bundle at about 14 weeks gestation.

We haven't told the girls yet. Lass is too young to really understand of course, and Miss doesn't yet understand the concept of waiting months for something to happen.  She's already talking about Santa like she thinks he's going to come and bring her more Care Bears any day now.  So, I'm just putting off the inevitable question of "When is the baby coming?" for a little while longer.  I think maybe we'll wait until after the ultrasound that will hopefully tell us baby's gender in a few weeks.  Then we can tell them specifically that they are having a little brother or sister.

We are so thrilled and feel amazingly blessed to be expecting a third child in our family.

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    You look absolutely fabulous in every way possible. You are such a striking woman to begin with, and pregnancy makes you look just that much more beautiful and glowing. :-)

    I'm so excited for you! I remember you telling me back in the day that you wanted 4 kids...almost there!

    And your necklace looks totally amazing too. I wonder who made it... ;-)