Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cheech and Chong

Today, when we were getting ready for the day, I swore, for a brief moment of "where the heck did she get that?" that Miss was saying, "Cheech and Chong" over and over. I started to crack up about it, but realized all too quickly that she was actually saying, "teeth and tongue." She was playing with a doll and I suspect she was brushing its teeth. Damn. "Cheech and Chong" would have been funny. But even without that, my kid is pretty amusing. I love those moments when she says something that cracks me up. She does it more and more often these days.

An example of this occurred in the grocery store checkout the other day. We were waiting for the bagger to get the last of our stuff in the cart. Miss said she was hungry and I told her that we were going to go home in a few minutes to have lunch. I then asked her what she might like to eat. Without skipping a beat she replied, "A lemon." She was so serious about this I couldn't help but laugh out loud. And she continued to ask for a lemon to eat, all the way home, during lunch, and the next day. I kept telling her that I needed to use the lemon we had purchased that day for a recipe, but she kept asking. Today when it was time for her snack I suggested apple yogurt. She said, "No, I fink my want a lemon." I had realized, when cooking my recipe that required a lemon last night, that I actually had another, extra lemon in the fridge, so this time I said, "Sure. Hop up to the table and you can have a lemon for your snack." I was chuckling to myself about this, but she surprised me. She took several bites and kept asking for more.

She didn't shudder. Didn't make a sour face. She seemed to love it.

She got to her third wedge of lemon before finally giving a little shudder.

Then a big shudder and sour face.

She then held her lemon wedge out to me and said, "Apple yogurt please!"

Today the weather was perfect. A beautiful late summer, early fall day with sun and a breeze and a temp of about 75. I decided it was a park day. Lass loves hats, and was so excited when I pulled out her bonnet for the park trip.

As we were getting loaded up to go to the park I happened to think, "It's Thursday, I'll bet I could find a few rummage sales on the way." So I took a slightly circuitous route to the park to look for some sales along the way. I found two. They were crap. Seriously, the first one had deodorant for sale for 75 cents. Deodorant! 75 cents! So wrong. I didn't look any further because I wanted the girls to have plenty of time at the park before lunch. We went to a new park today and Miss had a blast checking out all the new stuff there.

Of course there was a lot of swinging.

This park has a splash pad, which I assumed was turned off. One little boy apparently touched the magic spot to turn it on, and Miss immediately asked to go play in the water.

The little spouts of water shot up in a sporadic manner, so Miss got doused by a couple of them.

She didn't seem to care. And Lass had fun putting her hands in the water from the Ergo.

This place is my new favorite park.

We came home to get dry clothes, eat lunch and take naps, and then went back to the beautiful day outside. We took a walk, which was very short because Miss requested to walk by herself instead of riding in the stroller. As she was walking she went onto a neighbor's lawn and started to take her shoes off. I told her she needed to keep them on while we were walking and she informed me that she wanted to feel the grass under her feet. All right. She agreed to keep her shoes on until we were in our own yard, and then we all promptly took off our shoes to feel the tickle of the grass under our feet. Lass got a big kick out of this. Miss and I danced and shuffled our feet. This resulted in some heckling from my hubby who was inside changing clothes after work. The heckling resulted in a dazzling display of the Running Man by yours truly. The evening was topped off by grilled homemade brats, football on the telly, and very soon, ice cream. I love days like today. My spoon is calling me.

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  1. So precious! I love the lemon story! This age is amazing, they are so dang cute, truthful and fun! Sounds like a great day!