Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bring on the Ickies

Miss went to school today.  Her teacher texted me this photo of her having fun.  Unfortunately, she came home with pink eye.

I knew that she would probably get every yucky, germy illness known to humankind now that she's started school.  But ew.  Pinkeye?  Really?  At least it's not the really goopy, crusty kind.  Her eye is just red.  My husband said that's because it's viral instead of bacterial.  The bummer is I can't just go get antibiotic eye drops to make it go away fast.  This one might take a little while.  The good thing is she doesn't seem bothered by it a bit.

She's still my little sunshine, just with very frequently washed hands.

Gotta try my best to keep the germies away from this little one.

I'm sure the next few months will be peppered with lots of illnesses picked up at preschool.  We'll try to keep them to a minimum.  I'm loaded down with Wet Wipes and hand sanitizer, and of course we wash hands a lot.  But the ickies will come anyway.  We'll take them in stride and hopefully my littles won't be knocked low for long by anything.

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