Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First Week of Preschool

Yesterday was Miss's first day of preschool.  She was excited, though a bit apprehensive.

When she got to school she did a great job of getting into playing with other kids at first.  Her teacher told me she had a bit of a hard time a few times during the day, and Miss told me herself again, "I cwied because my want you."  Overall it was a pretty good first day though, I think.

Lass and I spent some fun time together.  Rather than drive the almost 30 minutes back home, we went to a local cafe where there are lots of toys and kids to play with.

They also had a little free music class that we got into a bit.  She seemed to enjoy her one on one time with Mom.

We were both happy to go get big sis though.  Miss was pretty quiet about her day at school, but I tried to make a big deal out of what a big girl she was and how special her first day was.  Here she's holding up her back pack before we got in the car.  She's also holding a Wish Bear Care Bear that my Auntie got her. She takes that thing everywhere with her.  Fortunately I convinced her to leave it in her back pack during her school time.

We went back to the cafe where Lass and I had spent the morning for a special "First Day of School Lunch," complete with a special "First Day of School Chocolate Chip Cookie Treat."  

After lunch I watched Miss interact with some older kids in a new way.  She walked up to them and said, "Hi.  What are you doing?"  Then she proceeded to play with them, and even asked them to play catch with her.  Her teacher had mentioned when I picked her up that day that one of the things Miss had a little bit of trouble with at school was initiating play with the other kids, so I wondered if this new behavior was a result of something her teacher had taught her just that day (her teacher confirmed this when I took her to school this morning, and I was really excited to be seeing new skills already).

Today was the second day of school, and the last of her school "week."  It was both better and worse.  It started out worse.  When Miss woke up and I told her we had to get going to get ready for school, she said, "I don't wike it Mommy.  Can you come to school with me?"

We managed to get ready and head out to school, only for her to tell me again and again (in the parking lot as soon as she realized where she was, right inside to door, at her designated coat area, etc.) that she didn't like it.  She grabbed on to my legs and buried her face in my knees.  It was not fun. Then she said, "I don't want that girl to grab me," in response to which her teacher explained that another one of the really young students had been trying to hug Miss and play with her the day before and Miss had gotten upset.  So her teacher and I talked to her about this and how to handle it, and then her teacher mentioned that they were going to play with a water table that day.  She perked up at that.  My girl loves to play with water.  However, she was still super clingy and wouldn't let go of my legs, so I asked the teacher what I should do.  She suggested I take Miss over to choose her "job" for that day.  They have a job board with lots of different classroom chores on it, and each child gets to choose their job for the day and clip a clothespin with their name on it to the job of their choice.  Keeping with the water theme and something I know she loves to do at home, I asked Miss if she'd like to help water the plants that day as her job.  She smiled and agreed and clipped her clothespin on the board.  She loves water.  She loves plants.  Bingo.
Photos from today after school.  She's wearing the new tutu I made for her last night.

As we were putting her clothespin on the board, she saw the other kids playing and got excited to go play with them.  She barely remembered to give me a kiss goodbye.  But I did tell her I was leaving and gave her a kiss and off she went to play.  So far, so good.

Then I kind of screwed it up.  I saw another mom I know as I was walking out the door and stopped to chat with her for a minute, in view of the door.  Miss saw me and I heard her start crying.  It was all I could do to not run back into the classroom.  I got a panicky feeling and felt my body lean towards the door, as if, independently from my mind, it almost had to go to her.  But I didn't.  I knew it would be better if I just left.  I trust her teachers.  And it all turned out okay.  

When I went to pick her up today, she was smiling and telling me about the fun things she had done that day.  She loved the water table and her snack and doing their daily yoga pose.  And the best thing? Several times since leaving school today she has said, "I wike it Mommy."  Next week will be easier.


  1. Oh, this SO tugged at my heartstrings... it's tough to walk away, isn't it? Sounds like her teachers are great, though. (And I'm so happy she loves her little Wish Bear... who knew she would wike it so much??)
    Hug little Lass for me...

  2. This tugged on my heartstrings too. Because I know EXACTLY where you are coming from in every way. When K1 first started preschool, it was like 3 weeks of struggle...until he finally got the hang of things and made a few buddies. He was SUCH a shy mamam's boy a year ago, but he has blossomed into quite the confident and cheery little dude. :-) HUGS! Here's to re-starting our friendship!! So glad you are with the school!

  3. Glad she had fun! Thanks for following my blog, According to Jenny! Following back!