Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The ballerina costume was a hit!  Miss loved the embellished leotard and tights.  So much so that I almost couldn't get her to put on her tutu because she didn't want to cover up her tights.

But once we got to her party at school she did put on the whole get up.  She looked beautiful and was loving being a ballerina.  she even seemed to forget about her desire to be a bear.  It might have helped that I didn't dress Lass in her bear costume for the party.

I was afraid she'd get too hot, the costume wouldn't fit well in her car seat, and I also wanted to give Miss a chance to bask in her ballerina-ness at her school party before getting them both dressed up for Trick or Treating tonight.  Lass didn't seem to care.

They both had lots of fun at the party.  There was so much for them to do, but Miss just wanted to play with these orange balloons.

It was fun to see her in her school environment and to see some of the kids she is becoming friends with.  The costumes were great too.

When it was time to Trick or Treat we started getting warm layers of clothing on.  It was pretty chilly tonight.  I knew Miss would have to wear a jacket, because there was only so much we could put on under her leotard and tutu.  I barely got her to let me put these pants on but convinced her that they wouldn't show under her tutu, and they didn't.

I got a couple of layers on Lass, knowing that she would be nice and snug in her fuzzy bear costume.

Fuzzy bear costume...

After Miss decided she wanted to be a ballerina for Halloween, I thought for a long time about what costume to get for Lass.  I kind of wanted something that would go with a ballerina, but couldn't come up with anything.  When I saw this bear costume, I figured it out.  A bear.  In a tutu.  A dancing bear.  What could be a better costume for my tutu-loving girl??

I was happy with the way the embellishments turned out that I added to Miss's leotard and tutu.  The felt flowers were cheap and easy, and I just pinned them on so they can easily be removed and the leotard can be worn for gymnastics class and possibly future dance classes.  Plus they helped tie the unmatched pinks of the leotard and tutu together a little bit.  I didn't realize how different the colors would be when I ordered them, but hrough the magic of felt rosettes, they work just fine.

All ready to go!

Gotta love a wagon.

I think Lass looks a lot like me in this photo.  Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't.  I see it here.  Am I crazy?

Trick or Treat!!

The girls did a fantastic job going up to the doors of our neighbors and following the drill.  Miss said, "Trick or Treat!" and "Happy Halloween!" and "Thank you!" very appropriately. I was proud of her and couldn't help remember last Halloween how we could not get her to say, "Tick-a-Teek!" for anything when she went up to the houses.

The girls enjoyed the fruits of their efforts this evening.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your girls are adorable! It looks like they had so much fun. Just found your blog through the Monday Mom Blog Hop and started following. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Awww...they both look so sweet in their costumes! Glad to see you all had a Happy Halloween!