Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Sister's Day Out

After dropping Miss off at school today (with no tears, by the way, hooray!!), Lass and I had a special morning out.  We started out visiting a local cafe where they have a big play area.  At first we were the only ones there and she almost didn't know what to do with all these toys to herself.


It is so fun to spend some special time just with Lass.  She has the funniest little personality and it feels good to be able to shower all my attention on her.  She seems to just eat this up and really shines during our mornings together.

After playing for a while and having a snack, we went to our favorite local library story time.

The children's area of this library is wonderful.  Lass loves the huge stuffed animals they have (yes, that is a stuffed dog) and the cozy sitting area with bins of board books just her size.

During the story time the kids and moms sit in a circle on the floor, do lots of songs, and of course hear a story.  Lass likes to stand in the middle of the circle and dance during the songs.  She is such a little ham!  Then the librarian brings out lots of books, balls, blocks, etc. for the kids to play with for a while. It's a great time for her to play with kids near her own size and for me to get to chat with some other moms.
My littlest (for now) and I had a wonderful morning together.

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