Sunday, October 30, 2011

During the Commercials...

It's been a great weekend.

Quality time was plentiful.

Daddy's girls.

To top it off, tonight is the premier of "The Next Iron Chef."  I'm typing this during the commercials.  It's an awesome show. You should watch it.

I managed to finish working on Miss's ballerina costume just before the show started.  I had to make the best ballerina costume ever to convince her that she wants to wear it instead of her sister's bear costume.  Hopefully she'll love it.  A little sneak peek.

A while ago a drew my Chopped ingredients of canned tuna, panko breadcrumbs, and tomato paste.  I made dinner with them tonight.  Panko-crusted tuna cakes with roasted red pepper and corn relish (the tomato paste was in the cakes and in the relish).  It was yummy.  I only have a few minutes during the commercials, so I'll post the recipe later.  Here's the dish.

Halloween tomorrow.  Miss's school party and trick or treating with both girls.  Can't wait!


  1. I can't wait for the Halloween pix! Miss and Lass are gorgeous, as ususl... nice to see you in a couple of these, too, Mom.
    Had a glorious weekend snuggling Lincoln... so precious.
    Love you,

  2. Quality time....the weekends are honestly the best! WOw you look like a really good cook! can't wait for you to share that recipe!
    I found your blog through the hop and im your newest follower #100 :) I hope you'll follow back!