Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Week??

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post.  I have had a lot of work come my way and a 2.5-year-old who hasn't napped all week, so I guess blogging has escaped me for a few days.  I always miss it when I don't post for a while.  I love sorting through and choosing the photos for a post and then writing about my favorite thing in the whole world, my family.  So, what have we been doing this week?

Going to preschool with absolutely no tears whatsoever.

A little bit of baking and cookie decorating.

A fabulous play date with wonderful friends, where the cookies were gobbled up.

Trying on Halloween costumes.  Miss has been planning to be a ballerina for weeks.  Last night we tried Lass's bear costume on her, and now Miss wants to be a bear.  I should have known that would happen.  But she is still excited about being a ballerina when I tell her about how we're going to do her hair and what she will get to wear.  She loves wearing a leotard and has a special fondness for tights.  Plus I told her she can play with Lass's costume after Halloween if she wants, so she seems happy with the current situation.  For now at least.

We've been enjoying fall.  

The weather has been crisp, but we are trying to still get outside a bit before it gets really cold.  The girls love to play with our pumpkins.

 And while showing off her muscles power lifting pumpkins, Miss saw this:

Then she just had to show off her hunting/stalking skills.

Lass got in on the fun for a minute, but seemed to not really notice or not care about the bunny, because she ended up walking on by.

Miss got pretty close to the little guy before he did this funny little stretch and hopped into the middle of this big evergreen tree.

The girls just moved right on to the next fun thing.  Most of the leaves are gone from our yard, and I've pretty much closed up the sand box for the year.  I guess mulch is the next best thing to play in.

We've just being doing our thing here.  Watching "Go Blue" today.  Happy weekend.


  1. Happy weekend to you too!! We had the sickies hit our house this past week, but luckily they were short-lived for everyone....24 hours and done. ;-) Your pictures are so fun and so GOOD! You must have a fabulous camera. That needs to be my next big purchase for my jewelry business. The point-n-click isn't cutting it anymore. :-)

    Go RED! ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I just LOVE how you dress your girls in matching outfits...its so adorable! :-) they are growing and changing so much!