Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Today I got some cheap white pumpkins for the girls to paint.  I had been meaning to make sidewalk chalk paint with my $1 tub of sidewalk chalk from Target for quite a while.  It was a gorgeous day for painting outside, so we took full advantage. 

This was Lass's first experience with painting.  I knew it would be messy.  I was just hoping to keep her from spilling or eating the paint. 
That didn't work out so well for me.  Oh well.  We made more green paint.  And she didn't eat much of it...

Miss was really showing her creativity.  Both girls did a great job with their pumpkins.

Lass had as much fun playing with the tub of chalk as with the actual painting.

 But Miss really encouraged her to paint, so they did it together.

And then Lass dumped over my bucket of water and the painting was abandoned for splashing and swirling water.

I love painting outside.  Especially with a 13 month old.  This was a Come-in-the-door-take-clothes-off-immediately-and-put-them-directly-in-laundry-room activity.  And we all had fun doing it.

And if getting messy once today wasn't enough, well, Lass enjoyed the mac'n'cheese' for dinner tonight.

Thankfully it was bath night tonight!

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