Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back in Cloth

I'm so happy to be back from our trip and have Miss back in cloth diapers. The disposables we used for our trip to Louisville were not as bad as I expected. We only had one hideous blowout (I was expecting several). Though when that occurred I found myself saying, "Pshh, my cloth dipes could have handled THAT." We also had a couple of leaks overnight. Whatever they use in those disposables can't stand up to hemp! Of course it is convenient to just throw away a dipe when you're done with it, which is why I took the disposables on the trip in the first place. But other than that, I prefer cloth 100%. They work better, and they're just so stinkin' cute! No pun intended. One good thing about going on the trip and using disposables for a few days is that I got all my fluff clean before we left, so my entire stash was clean and waiting when we got back. The picture above shows my stash of pocket dipes, along with Miss in an adorable GAD OBV (that's a Green Acres Designs diaper with organic bamboo velour for those not familiar with the cloth diapering lingo). Does it get any cuter than that??

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