Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommy Blog Giveaways

Two posts in one day, so that I can tell you about some giveaways on other Momma Blogs that I follow. The Items being given away are both things that I own and use and personally love. And by blogging about them here, I get another chance to win each of the giveaways myself!! so, here they are:

Life Happens During Naptime is a wonderful blog written by a mommy friend of mine. She is an excellent writer and her blog is delightful on any given day. But this week it's especially nice because she is featuring a different item that her readers can win each day, in celebration of the upcoming one-year birthday of her adorable son Moose. I have entered all of her giveaways since beginning to follow her blog a few months ago and haven't won anything yet. But I'm feeling lucky this week! Today's giveaway on LHDN is for a Mommy Necklace. These necklaces are beautiful, totally baby-safe (non toxic beads, extra strong cord, break-away clasp), and make a great focal point for babies who are easily distracted when nursing. I have three and love them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I love the color and style of the necklace being given away!

The second blog with a great giveaway right now is Diapers and Dimples, which I have just recently started following. This is a great blog by a new mommy to an adorable baby girl, Emma. Right now she's giving away a Softbums bamboo basic pack. Softbums is an all-in-two (AI2) type of diaper that has an outer shell with a snap in liner that comes in terry covered microfiber or bamboo. We all know how much I love bamboo. I recently purchased two sets of Softbums, one red and one yellow, and tried them for the first time yesterday. Love them!!

So, these two great products are being given away on two great Momma Blogs. Check them out. If I don't get lucky, maybe you will :)

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