Monday, September 14, 2009

Travel Weary

We have been traveling a lot the past few weeks. I am tired of travel at this point, but there is only more to come. In May we went to Florida for a week. In June we went to the Farm for a week. In July we visited my family in Kentucky for a week. In August we went to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair one weekend. Then we spent the week before Labor Day at the Farm again, getting ready for the big Labor Day party with the in-laws. We came back for two-and-a-half days and then left again for the farm to attend a wedding. All of this with a baby of course. Who is teething. She has been a champ though. At 7 months old I think she's more well-traveled than some adults I know.

Coming up, we have a trip to Louisville for a grad school reunion and visit with Grandma this weekend, then three whole weeks at home before two weekends of back-to-back weddings, one in New Jersey, the other in Iowa, then home for another two weeks before a marathon trip, starting in Florida for a family reunion, then to KY for a week with my family, then to the Farm to join Ben to wrap up his hunting trip there. Then of course more traveling for the holidays. . . Sometimes I wish we just lived close to our families.

Above are a few pics of the most recent travels. Though it has been tiring, we've had a great time!

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