Saturday, September 26, 2009

"She's not chubby, she's just right!"

This is to quote my mother-in-law. Except she says it with a funny Scandinavian accent so the "Ch" sounds like "Sh" and the "J" sounds like "Y." Of course, that is absolutely true about Miss. She's yust right! So why is it that baby clothes don't fit her?? When I buy pants for her that aren't stretchy, like jeans or corduroys, I have such a hard time fitting them over her rear end. So, I was thinking it was just because of the cloth diapers, because they give her a bubble butt. But today I tried to put an adorable pair of flowered corduroy pants on her, size 6-9 months. She's just over 7 months. I couldn't get the pants on. And it wasn't the diaper, it was her thighs getting in the way. Babies are supposed to be chunky, so why is it that I can't get pants to fit her? I always have to buy sizes way too big and then roll up the legs so they will "fit" her up top. I guess I'm just frustrated because these pants I tried today are so cute and I didn't put them on her when I still could (I thought I had plenty of time for her to get into them!), so now she can't wear them. I need to just stick to the stretchy kind I guess until someone gets wise and starts making baby clothes with a little extra room in the tush area for the cloth diaper set, and the "shubbies." I'd rather have rolls than corduroy anyway.

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