Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skip to My Lou

Well really, drive-half-an-hour-to-the-airport-hop-a-plane-to-Detroit-hang-out-for-a-two-hour-layover-then-hop-another-plane to My Lou. But either way, by tomorrow evening I will be in Louisville. One of my favorite cities ever. By far my favorite of the cities I've lived in. I was there for four years through graduate school at the University of Louisville. And I'm going back for a reunion with many of my girlfriends from those years. It should be a blast. If I can stay up past 10, that is! So many places to visit: The Granville Inn, O'Shea's, The Outlook (all favorite watering holes from back in the day). Also the Louisville Antique Mall and the Architectural Savage Store are high on the list of spots to go. Thank goodness I'm meeting my mom there. It's a win-win really. We get to hang out for a long weekend. I get to have an antiquing partner. And she gets to be Grandma with Miss while I try to resurrect some of my past ability to party until the bars closed (at 4 am!!). I'm hoping to make it 'til midnight this time. Much has changed! For the better I must say. I'm looking forward to sharing Lou with my daughter and my mom, and seeing some old friends too.

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