Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Better Late than Never

Happy belated Mother's Day!! We had a wonderful weekend. On Mother's Day we had a nice relaxing morning playing in PJs and then got dressed up to go out for a nice brunch. I almost made us late for our reservation, because I couldn't stop taking photos of Miss in her adorable dress. I love that she can wear dresses comfortably now that she is walking, and she was really hamming it up with dancing, flexing her muscles, and playing while I snapped lots of photos.

Over the weekend I took my camera in to the store where I bought it because I have been having some problems with it. Turns out it just needed to be cleaned a bit and it is working good as new. While I was in the camera store I purchased a new macro lens for my camera, which is something both my hubby and I have been wanting. This lens allows me to take super close-up shots (or not so close up) with a large aperture (very low f-stop setting). I had some fun experimenting with the lens today.

Finally, my last post gave me the kick in the rear I needed to just get the growth chart project done. I got out my practice canvas and experimented a little and then jumped in and painted the growth chart in two evenings. I used stencils to put Miss's name at the top, but otherwise I did the rest freehand. It's obviously very amateurish, but I am quite proud of it (the right side isn't cut crookedly, it is kind of curled up a bit, not sure how to get it back to flat). It will match pretty well in her room and she will always know that her mom made it for her. Now on to the next projects: ruffly summer pants for Miss, crib sheets, a dust ruffle, a Boppy slipcover, and other nursery decor for Baby Girl, and eventually, another growth chart for her room too!

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  1. Ooh, I so love the growth chart! You did a great job... it rocks! Thanks for sharing the new pics, too.
    Love you ~ Auntie