Friday, May 7, 2010

Update and Cuteness

Okay, so I promised a while ago to give an update on the projects I blogged about several weeks ago. For starters, the growth chart. I got canvas and dowels and ribbon, gessoed it the canvas and cut it to size, painted the dowels, sewed pockets for dowels in each end, and attached the ribbon. Pretty good progress, except that it has been in this stated for weeks now:
I am completely stalled out on the final and all-important step of actually painting the design and the measurements on the canvas! I'm terribly artistically impaired, at least when it comes to this sort of painting. So I am very afraid that I will completely mess it up! My painter friends have assured me (and logically I know this to be true) that if I do mess up I can just paint over it. No biggie. Yet I continue to put off the last step in completing this project. I have gessoed an area on a leftover piece of canvas to practice on, so hopefully I can get past my fear and just get it done soon.

On to my bedroom project. I had mentioned that I bought a pattern and was going to find some fabric to make my own duvet cover for our master bedroom. Here is the fabric that I fell in love with.
And here is the finished project
Lucky for me, I didn't actually sew a stitch in this project! See, I found the fabric I loved, but then could not justify the cost of purchasing the amount of fabric that my pattern said would be required. It would have cost over $400 just for the fabric, and I still would have had to sew the darn thing! So, I made the decision that I just had to look harder for an already made duvet that I could live with. I had almost decided on one that I found on clearance from Pottery Barn when, in a last search online, I stumbled upon the duvet in the above photo! I was thrilled to find it for less than half of the cost of buying the fabric to do it myself. And none of the work, of course! How serendipitous! Mark another project "Done."

Finally, I just couldn't resist adding some of today's cuteness to the end of this post. We had a cold rainy stay-inside kind of day today. Miss woke from her morning nap with the funniest bed-head and bewildered look. And I can never resist the opportunity to take pics of her in a cute diaper and baby leg warmers.


  1. Ooh, love the cover! And these pics are so cute! Love the leg warmers and the cloth diaper!

  2. :Love the Duvet & that it ended up being work free for you. And I LOVE the legwarmers on Miss. How freakin adorable.