Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Great Weekend

This weekend was wonderful. Yesterday was what my mom might call a "Red Letter Day" meaning that it was full of great happenings and special occurrences. I got a great haircut, finally bought some new family room furniture (a sofa and leather recliner), and officially entered the third trimester. To top it all off, my hubby and I went to a great Mardi Gras/French Quarter themed party last night at our local country club and danced ourselves silly to an exceptionally talented local band. Seriously, the instruments they played included the keyboard, guitar, drums and bass to start among the four band members, and then they added in a washboard, two different saxophones, a flute, an accordion, a trumpet, and a tuba for crying out loud! All of these instruments were played by one or the other of the two lead members of the band, plus the bassist played the ukulele as well. Anyway, the music was wonderful, we met lots of nice people, and we had a blast dancing the night away. New haircut and third trimester belly photo (the hair is a bit of a mess as this was taken after the night of dancing):
Although I was quite sore today from all the dancing last night, today was just a good day. It was over 90 degrees here (in May in Wisconsin!!) and sunny and breezy. We went to the country club for a great lunch, got a lot done around the house and yard, had a great dinner at home and of course spent lots of time outside playing. I didn't take any photos outside, but here is one of Miss this morning. She is so stinking cute in just a tee shirt and diaper, and when she's outside and all greased up with sunscreen, sweaty and dirty, I swear I could just eat her up, dirt and all!
To top it all off, as I type this my hubby is out buying ice cream for us to eat while we snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. What could be better??

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