Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Photos

As promised, here are some photos of Miss with all the family we got to visit with during our trip last week (except her great-great-uncle and aunt; I forgot the camera when we went to see them). She had a blast playing with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law and their kids.

Here she is with Grandpa. He had just had surgery on his rotator cuff, but they had fun playing anyway. She gets a kick out of his mustache and loves his deer and bear mounts on the wall in the den. She wanted to be picked up over and over to look at them, but wouldn't touch them!!
Being silly with Grandma. Grandma taught her to make a clock sound and be an elephant (Miss raises her arm like a trunk, but doesn't do the noise very often). I have no idea what they're doing here. . .
Playing with her uncle. I have a link to his blog Dunamis Training Systems on my sidebar. Check it out!
She was fascinated by her oldest cousin. This looks like a staring contest!
Miss learned to climb into her toy box during this trip, and her cousin wanted to try it too! He's showing her something very important!
Here she is meeting her newest baby girl cousin (on my side of the family anyway, she actually has one younger baby girl cousin on my husband's side). How cute is she??? My sister-in-law (behind the adorable baby) is my main source of info about using cloth diapers with a newborn, since I didn't start using them full-time with Miss until she was about 4 months old.
And here are a few photos of Miss playing in the boat with her Daddy for the first time. She loved it!

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