Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!!

Several weeks ago I did a post about the St Patrick's Day celebration Miss and I had with my friend and her daughter. We all dressed in green and got together at an Irish restaurant for lunch. I brought along some fun St. Patty's bling for the girls (big and small), and it was a great time. Recently we were talking about getting together for lunch again and my friend suggested carrying on the "tradition" and having a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, complete with Mexican food and playdate at her house. When I asked what I could bring to contribute to the festivities, she jokingly said it would be great if I had a line on some baby sombreros. Well, I've never actually seen a toddler-sized sombrero anywhere for purchase, but why would I let that stop me?? Can I come up with baby sombreros? You bet your buttons I can. Check 'em out (Miss's adorable fiesta pants aren't too bad either if I do say so myself!!):
Here's how they started. The one on the right hung on the wall in my bedroom when I was a little girl, and I happened to see it at my parents' house when I was there last week and decided it would work nicely as a sombrero. The one on the left was part of my antiquing score in Hazel. $1.50!! All I had to do was rip the flowers/lace/ribbon off, pick off 20-year-old hot glue that still wanted to cling to those things for dear life, and then add my own ball fringe and colorful rick rack. I had originally thought I would put lots and lots of gaudy ribbon and rick rack in different colors on the hats. But honestly after I added to ball fringe, they almost didn't need anything else. They practically screamed "Sombrero!!!!" I did want to add a little color though, so the band of rick rack went on and I decided to quit while I was ahead.
The hats were a hit! Mi hija es muy bonita!!!
The food and company of my friend and her daughter were fabulous as well and made for an all around enjoyable afternoon. My friend said she went a little nuts in the local supermercado, and she had the spread to prove it. I ate cactus for the first time, and it was delicious as was everything else. And my pregnant craving for all things burrito was happily satisfied today. So Happy Cinco de Mayo to you all!!

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