Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring is Back!!

Hooray!! After several weeks of yucky, cold, dreary weather, spring has finally returned. We took full advantage of it this weekend and had tons of fun. Miss is now running and loves to play with her new ball. She is such an outside girl.

Miss still loves to pick up sticks. Now she picks them up and hands them to me until she has something of a collection.

Miss has had lots of fun with her lion push toy on the driveway. She also learned that it works fairly well on the grass. I have to say I'm quite proud of how tough she is. She was pushing the lion on the grass and tipped it over, doing a face plant on the grass. She didn't even make a fuss; just got back up, got the lion back on its wheels, and went on her way.

I got a fair bit of weed-pulling done this weekend and my hubby got most of our garden planted. And Miss and I took a long walk this afternoon, just soaking in the sunshine. I love spring here. Bring on the summer! Only about 3 more months until Baby Girl arrives!

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