Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Home

You can always tell when we've spent the day at home.

Miss got out tons of toys to make sure her sister had enough to play with.

We didn't leave the house today. Staying in for more than one day starts to make me a bit crazy, but for today it was nice. We read lots of books and played games. Legwarmers were the stay-at-home style for today. Miss insisted on wearing some when she saw me put them on Lass.

Now that Lass is sitting up so well, she and Miss play together more and more. They spent lots of time working on sharing today. The big toys of the day were a ball, a chain of plastic beads and a squeaking giraffe. Miss liked to do a quick swap with Lass when she wanted something Lass had in her hand. Lass loved the big blue ball, so Miss would roll it up to her and then stealthily grab the beads and/or giraffe in exchange. Lass really enjoyed the ball, so she didn't seem to care. Miss was very into the sharing/swap idea, as when I once handed her the giraffe, she said "Fanks. You wanna chew this?" and held out the slobbery beads to me (I think she's getting more molars, as she is often chewing toys at the back of her mouth).

During Lass's morning nap Miss and I got some quality time in the kitchen. Instead of our usual cookies or another baking project, we tried a no-bake St. Patrick's Day treat today. We started with yogurt-covered pretzels. Naturally we had to try out a few of these before getting started.

We got all our stuff together

and then melted some white chocolate chips in the microwave (of course we sampled these too).

Miss got a shamrock sticker so she would know what we were making. We shaped the pretzels into shamrocks and used the white chocolate to "glue" the pieces together.

Once they dried we used green frosting and white frosting with green sprinkles to really make them shamrocks (this idea came from the March issue of Family Fun magazine).

Miss dug in and enjoyed the sprinkles.

It was a happy day at home.


  1. LOVE the shamrocks! As a mom, you ROCK!
    Fanks for sharing...

  2. LOVE days like these, even with all the mess it creates! Believe me I have had days where it looked like a tornado was through my home, lol!

    BTW, Those treats look yummy!


  3. Ha, that looks like my house! I like to watch my two kids interact...totally worth the mess. Thanks for commenting on my blog post and following along! It means a lot. :) And of course I'm following you back! Such a sweet blog.

    The...Late, Young Family