Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visit with Great-Grandma

Somehow I forgot to post the photos from our brief visit to my husband's grandmother last Friday. We drove out Thursday night, stayed in a hotel, and then were able to visit for a few hours Friday morning before driving home that evening. It was a short but very fulfilling trip. Miss was a bit shy to start, but got warmed up by greeting her Great-Grandma's leprechaun statue-doll thing.

Lass met her Great-Grandma for the first time, and was such a lover.

Miss got comfortable and had some fun chatting and showing off the books she brought along.

It was such a nice visit with my husband's lovely grandmother. I know I've written about this many times before, but it's just so important to us for our girls to get to spend time with their family. Even if our girls won't remember this short visit, my husband will. His grandmother will. I will. And we will have these photos and others always to show our girls before future trips and also whenever we tell the girls about who they came from. Before this trip and our recent trip to Florida, during which we visited my grandparents, I showed Miss photos from her previous visits with her great grandparents and told her about who we were going to see. She probably doesn't remember her last visit with her Great-Grandma S, but when we woke up in the hotel on Friday morning and I asked her who we were going to see that day, she knew. Our girls' roots are spread far and wide, but they are strong and deep and thoroughly nurturing, and I want them to always be secure in this fact. Ten hours in the car and few hours of sleep for one night is a small price to pay for strengthening my girls' connections to their family tree.


  1. I can't tell you how much I admire you and B for the importance you place on family and how committed you are to staying connected, and making sure that Miss and Lass are! You really get it. So special!
    Love you!

  2. Staying connected with family is a wonderful thing. It is something I value and work hard to teach my girls as well. We are blessed with a large family that adores our girls and there's nothing like all that love - it just brings positive things into their lives.

    I could just see the joy in Great_grandmas face at having those precious girls there with her. It made me emotional.